Global Accessibility Awareness Day Toronto

Are you a web designer/developer who has heard of software, such as a screen reader used by blind internet users, but have never had a chance to “see” and hear one in action?

To help launch the first Global Accessibility Awareness Day in Toronto, join Jennison Asuncion for an informatively informal demonstration of a free screen reader, NVDA, that anyone can download and use. See and hear what happens when a web site has been coded to be accessible, or not. More importantly, come with questions. Perhaps you might be brave enough to suggest a site you have worked on. Other adaptive software may be demonstrated, time permitting.

How can I attend Global Accessibility Awareness Day Toronto?

Interested in regular accessibility gatherings in Toronto?

If you have an interest in meeting up regularly to both learn about digital accessibility (e.g., web, software, mobile) and/or networking with like-minded professionals, join us after the event for a drink to discuss, location TBD. If you cannot attend, but are interested in regular accessibility gatherings, express interest by sending an e-mail to accessibilitytoronto at gmail dot com, and include the specific topic(s) of interest to you.

Learn more about Global Accessibility Awareness Day by reading the blog post that inspired the event.